Coaxial Valves For neutral gases, liquid, highly viscous and contaminated media



  • 40% higher flowrate
  • Up to 4 times longer service life
  • Fast switching
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Valve seat replacement when installed, thus less production downtime
  • Variable use for all neutral gases, liquid, highly viscous, and contaminated media
  • Moduls and custom designs avaialble

3D Product Animation


Innovative Design for Extended Service Life


The ROSS Coaxial Valve has been specifically designed to provide users with a robust, easy-to-maintainand, and highly efficient solution. An outstanding feature is the unique design of the valve seat. The spherical valve seat offers numerous benefits. By rotating the valve seat 90° when one side of the sphere is worn, the valve can achieve service life up to four times longer than conventional coaxial valve designs. The valve seat rotation or exchnage can easily be done directly on the system or machine without dismounting the complete valve. This minimizes maintenance times and reduces machine downtimes.


In addition, the valve seat's spherical design promotes up to 40% higher flow rate, which is achieved by the absence of corners and edges. The result is a smoother flow without resistance and turbulence, leading to improved energy efficiency and system performance.


The ROSS Coaxial Valves are available in sizes DN04, DN10, DN15, and DN25 as 2/2 or 3/2-way single valves or modules, externally or direct-operated. Additionally, custom designs are offered to accommodate various customer requirements, including stainless steel construction and explosion-proof versions.


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