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Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Safety Services and Training

Machine Safety Services include Conformity Audits, Lockout Audits, APM Audits, Risk Assessments, Safety Mitigation Plan Development, and Validation of Safety Systems.

Electrical Safety

The Electro-Guard Plus remote alternative lockout systems streamline operator Lockout/Tagout procedures and safely isolate hazardous electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic energy for zones, machines, or processes to ensure secure access. Dual-channel low-voltage safety switches can be locked to provide alternative lockout and conveniently placed in various locations throughout the hazardous area, forming a single-point lockout system. Additionally, e L-O-X Energy Isolation Devices offer local electrical energy isolation and verification. You can be confident ROSS will always meet your electrical safety requirements.

Hydraulic Safety

Hydraulic systems pose potential hazards due to their high operating power. For increased hydraulic safety and reliability in production tasks requiring safe access, hydraulic safety valves like block and bleed or block and stop valves can be utilized. ROSS offers a variety of functions, including redundant 3/2 hydraulic safety valve systems designed for safe block & bleed, safe block & stop, and dual safe block & stop applications. Trust ROSS for all your hydraulic safety requirements.

Pneumatic Safety

The ROSS pneumatic safety valves are advanced valves specifically designed to regulate fluid power energy in accordance with contemporary safety guidelines for control reliability. These valves facilitate the removal, supply, and trapping of energy to ensure the utmost pneumatic safety in operations. The functions of ROSS pneumatic safety valves encompass lockout/energy isolation, safe exhaust, safe air entry, safe return, safe control and stop, and safe load holding. Additionally, we offer engineered pneumatic safety solutions suitable for application in explosion-proof and intrinsically safe hazardous areas.

Customer Defined Application Solutions with ROSS/FLEX®

When you need the function of a standard product in a different package, ROSS/FLEX® is the answer. We’ll work directly with your engineering team to design the optimum solution, and then by repackaging the existing internal parts of our standard products, we eliminate the need for life-cycle testing. Our ROSS/FLEX® solutions are built to reduce costs, improve productivity, and provide a unique solution that is manufactured to your requirements but is developed in days, rather than weeks or months.

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ROSS Industries & Applications

Promoting Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Safety across Industries Worldwide

Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Safety

ROSS can enhance job safety in the pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical safety sectors, safeguard customer machinery investments, and boost efficiency through pneumatic valve solutions and enrollment in our comprehensive Total Machine Safety Course.

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Glass Service

ROSS helps optimize container glass production processes and strengthen your global "Glass Community" position. With decades of experience, ROSS offers advanced proportional pressure control valves with Industry 4.0 features, robust poppet valves, valve blocks, and custom ROSS/FLEX® solutions ensuring smooth, efficient operations from forming to handling. The ROSS subsidiary manufactIS GmbH provides full-service solutions for IS glass machines including consulting, engineering, spare parts, modernization, repairs, customized solutions and safety system installation.

Benefit from our expertise, leading manufacturer partnerships, and the combined ROSS and manufactIS offering to maximize productivity with highest safety standards.

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Press Metal Forming

ROSS, the first valve manufacturer to introduce double valve technology to the press industry, continues to develop products for press line applications and press related systems.

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Automotive Industry

ROSS provides robust solutions for the automotive industry that improve system reliability and reduce total system costs.

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Assembly & Test

ROSS can help you achieve your production, cost, and safety goals with standard components and custom solutions for your assembly and test application.

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Packaging Industry

From standard components to custom solutions, ROSS offers products for your packaging applications that can help you achieve your production, cost, and safety goals.

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Metals Industry

ROSS has an experienced global network of fluid power experts to assist customers in solving challenges associated with the harsh environments of the aluminum smelter and steel industries and providing proven solutions to increase uptime and productivity.

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